Carnival Forest: Part II

In the forest, Abie and Rondo quickly made friends with a gang of carnival monkeys, who supplied them with bananas dipped in cocoa powder and delicate candies wrapped in leaves. They spent many hours fishing for prizes from the lower branches of the smaller trees, then climbed to the middle branches.

Along the way, they narrowly avoided angry toucans (who were more angry at being disturbed by the noisy monkeys, who accompanied Abie and Rondo) and carnivorous plants (meaning that the plants ate meat, but mainly just flies and such - unless you were either very clumsy or very tasty).

From a distance, Abie saw what appeared to be a circular bridge of branches swirling round and round, though there was little wind in the forest canopy. As they came closer, Abie and Rondo discovered what appeared to be a massive spinning wheel that bridged the space between the lower canopy and the upper canopy, where only the tallest trees stretched, turning from the efforts of several of the larger monkeys.

"A Ferris wheel!" Rondo exclaimed.

And indeed it was.

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