Carnival Forest: Part I

Author's note: Carnival Forest is a very large rain forest that is so old it has drifted into legend, and the legend has since drifted into eternity.

"Tell me again," said Abie to his little sister Rondo, "why are we here?"

"On the other side of the world there is a forest so tall that the highest branches are above the clouds, and it is so hot and so dry that many of these branches have grown legs so they can take turns lying in each other's shade."

"But in the canopy, below the clouds, it gets so wet that there is more rain than there is not rain. This is known as 100 percent precipitation"

"And the monkeys in the canopy run a carnival, with a midway and rides, jugglers and dipped bananas."

"And in this forest," Rondo finished, "lives the Time Spider, which has been around since time began, and spins webs out of every passing hour."

"But why are we here?" Abie asked again.
"Because," Rondo replied, "as usual, you were late and we missed our bus, and now we need to find out where the time goes."

"Oh," Abie said, "I forgot."

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