Pharos Island: Part III

In the kitchen of the lighthouse, the food was largely inedible, so Abie and Rondo began the slow climb up the long staircase.

"Too many stairs," Rondo complained as they climbed to the top of the tower.

"49… 50… 51…" Abie muttered to himself.

"But you know," Rondo continued, "time changes a lot of things; some things change colour, and other things change their shape, and sometimes the tide comes in, and sometimes the tide goes out."

"Sometimes the stairs go up, sometimes the stairs go down..." Abie added.

"Every Summer, there's an Autumn, and every Autumn there's a Winter. And then Spring and Summer again. But no matter what else changes," Rondo chuffed as they reached the top of the staircase, "you will always be my big brother, Abie."

At the top of the lighthouse, Abie and Rondo found the beacon light, but as it turned out, it wasn't a light after all.

It was Abie's ball.

"Let's go home," Abie whispered. "Let's go home, sis."

Pharos Island: Part II

Having once again crossed oceans and deserts, through forests and valleys, Abie and Rondo came to the seashore. As luck would have it, the tide was turning, but the sea was still high.

"Abie, do you remember when we visited the Time Spider, at the top of the monkeys' Ferris wheel? Remember how long we had to wait?" Rondo asked.

Abie remembered.

"And, Abie, do you remember how we visited that Wizard at the top of Mount Sublime, who made us tea and sandwiches, and pomegranate sherbet, and then after all that, sent us home without answering our question?"

Abie remembered this also.

"And do you remember, Abie, how we visited the Lucid Squid at the bottom of the ocean, who told us many things..."

How could Abie forget? The Lucid Squid had also been unable to help them with their problems.

"It looks like it's time! Let's run!"

Pharos Island: Part I

Author's note: Built upon the island of Pharos, the lighthouse of Alexandria became one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

"Tell me again," Abie said to Rondo, "why are we here?"

"On the other side of the world," Rondo replied, "there lies an island which is scarcely wide enough at high tide for the lighthouse that is built there."

"But at low tide, you can reach it from the shore, if you are a fast runner, and if you aren't distracted by the singing of the oysters in their intertidal beds."

"And in the lighthouse, there is a staircase."

"And at the top of this staircase," finished Rondo, "is the light, which reveals many things."

"But why are we here?" Abie repeated.

"Because," Rondo spoke quietly, "I threw your ball up into a tree."

"And now I feel bad."

Celestial Ocean: Part III

"Is the glass yours," the Squid asked Rondo, "or is the glass yours?"

The Squid turned to Abie.

"Well..." they both began, but the Squid was not finished.

"The truth is, all things must change, and what is yours today, may be mine tomorrow. And the next day..."

"Well..." Abie and Rondo both interrupted, but again, the Squid was not finished.

"And the next day."

And then the Lucid Squid was finished. This did not help Abie and Rondo at all, but, after carrying the two of them back to the surface and dropping them onto the deck of the Cloud Tracer, the Squid left such a big cloud of blue ink that both cups were dyed deep ocean blue, and since then, have been impossible to tell apart.

Celestial Ocean: Part II

While sailing their boat, the Cloud Tracer, through uncharted waters and unspeakable danger, Abie and Rondo saw fish that could change colour to match their ever-changing moods. They also saw fish that were entirely see-through (like glass), so that you could see their fish bones, as well as what they had for breakfast.

"With my breakfast," Rondo pointed out, "I had a glass, but it was not my glass, because it was the yellow glass, and we all know that my glass is the green glass."

At last they came to the Celestial Ocean, where they donned their heavy diving equipment, and plunged into the deep, deep water. At first it was very dark.

And then it got darker.

And then, Abie and Rondo discovered that they were surrounded by hundreds of luminescent shrimp and plankton and other underwater creatures.

"I hope we don't get swallowed by a luminescent whale!" Abie added, just as they reached the bottom of the Ocean, where a friendly and wise octupus offered to take them to the Lucid Squid.

Celestial Ocean: Part I

Author's note: The Celestial Ocean can be seen on any night. It is also known as the Milky Way.

"Tell me again," Abie said to Rondo, "why are we here?"

"On the other side of the world," Rondo answered, "there is an ocean so deep that the creatures that live in the deepest parts do not even know that they are under water."

"But in the shallows, the stars come down to dance at night, changing colour whenever they change their minds."

"And the sea stars might talk to you, if you catch them in a good mood."

"In the deep Celestial Ocean," Rondo finished, "amongst countless octopi, we might even meet the Lucid Squid, who can answer a question for us."

"But why are we here?" Abie asked again.

"Because," Rondo replied, "you were drinking out of the green glass. And the green glass is mine. It always has been, and it always will."

"When we ask the Squid, that is what the Squid will tell you."