Tuesday Update

 Update: Carnival Forest is 2/3 complete! Conclusion on Friday!

Things I am trying to sort out without having to make any dramatic changes:
  • I would like the contents to sort itself out in a sensible order. If I had planned better, I could have done some sort of ABC motif, starting out with "Abysmal Island" or something, then I could just sort alphabetically. But I didn't, so I am sorting by frequency, which should always put incomplete chapters at the bottom. This post should put the "About" posts at the top. I hope.
  • I am slowly working on introducing whimsical vector graphics into the layout, but Blogger wants to add drop shadows to these, which is okay, but not ideal. I am not sure how to approach this. I can probably just remove the drop shadows once the page renders, but I doubt this will look fantastic.   
You can possibly tell that artistry is not my forte...

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