Sublimation Falls: Part II

Having landed their boat and journeyed through countless forests and plains, across the great desert Abie and Rondo ran from tigers, rode upon dromedaries and evaded bandits and brigands.
Abie saw three mirages, and two of them turned out to be real. Oases were few and far between.
At last they reached the foothills of Mount Sublime, where they followed the advice of wise gorillas and sage goats, and came at last to the great mountain itself.

"Too many stairs," Abie complained as they climbed up the side of the mountain.
"1049… 1050… 1051…" Rondo muttered to herself.
When they got to the top of Mount Sublime, the wizard was very polite, but unable to get Rondo's ball down from the tree. They lunched on cucumber sandwiches and pomegranate sherbet.
"But you can ride my salamander Phelps home," the Wizard offered. "Phelps can fly, of course."

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