Sublimation Falls: Part I

Author's note: Sublimation Falls is a waterfall so high it turns to steam miles above the ground. It hangs like a giant icy stalactite from the top of Mount Sublime.

"Tell me again, why are we here?" Abie asked his little sister Rondo.

"On the other side of the world there is a mountain so tall the top of it is frozen," Rondo replied. "Even in Summer."
"And around the mountain is a desert so wide and so hot that it will melt your shoes like chewing gum," Rondo continued. "Even in Winter."

"And the desert birds fly up, nesting in high aeries behind great waterfalls there, which never reach the ground, waterfalls which turn into clouds."
"The birds feed on salamanders and bugs that swim in the mist. And above their nests lives a wizard who will grant a single wish," Rondo finished.

"But why are we here?" Abie asked again.
"Because," Rondo replied, "You threw my ball up into a tree, and we need that wish to get it back down again. And because we are knights and we are on a quest. And because if we were not here, we would be somewhere else…"

"…playing with my ball."

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