Pharos Island: Part III

In the kitchen of the lighthouse, the food was largely inedible, so Abie and Rondo began the slow climb up the long staircase.

"Too many stairs," Rondo complained as they climbed to the top of the tower.

"49… 50… 51…" Abie muttered to himself.

"But you know," Rondo continued, "time changes a lot of things; some things change colour, and other things change their shape, and sometimes the tide comes in, and sometimes the tide goes out."

"Sometimes the stairs go up, sometimes the stairs go down..." Abie added.

"Every Summer, there's an Autumn, and every Autumn there's a Winter. And then Spring and Summer again. But no matter what else changes," Rondo chuffed as they reached the top of the staircase, "you will always be my big brother, Abie."

At the top of the lighthouse, Abie and Rondo found the beacon light, but as it turned out, it wasn't a light after all.

It was Abie's ball.

"Let's go home," Abie whispered. "Let's go home, sis."

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