Pharos Island: Part II

Having once again crossed oceans and deserts, through forests and valleys, Abie and Rondo came to the seashore. As luck would have it, the tide was turning, but the sea was still high.

"Abie, do you remember when we visited the Time Spider, at the top of the monkeys' Ferris wheel? Remember how long we had to wait?" Rondo asked.

Abie remembered.

"And, Abie, do you remember how we visited that Wizard at the top of Mount Sublime, who made us tea and sandwiches, and pomegranate sherbet, and then after all that, sent us home without answering our question?"

Abie remembered this also.

"And do you remember, Abie, how we visited the Lucid Squid at the bottom of the ocean, who told us many things..."

How could Abie forget? The Lucid Squid had also been unable to help them with their problems.

"It looks like it's time! Let's run!"

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