Celestial Ocean: Part II

While sailing their boat, the Cloud Tracer, through uncharted waters and unspeakable danger, Abie and Rondo saw fish that could change colour to match their ever-changing moods. They also saw fish that were entirely see-through (like glass), so that you could see their fish bones, as well as what they had for breakfast.

"With my breakfast," Rondo pointed out, "I had a glass, but it was not my glass, because it was the yellow glass, and we all know that my glass is the green glass."

At last they came to the Celestial Ocean, where they donned their heavy diving equipment, and plunged into the deep, deep water. At first it was very dark.

And then it got darker.

And then, Abie and Rondo discovered that they were surrounded by hundreds of luminescent shrimp and plankton and other underwater creatures.

"I hope we don't get swallowed by a luminescent whale!" Abie added, just as they reached the bottom of the Ocean, where a friendly and wise octupus offered to take them to the Lucid Squid.

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