Celestial Ocean: Part I

Author's note: The Celestial Ocean can be seen on any night. It is also known as the Milky Way.

"Tell me again," Abie said to Rondo, "why are we here?"

"On the other side of the world," Rondo answered, "there is an ocean so deep that the creatures that live in the deepest parts do not even know that they are under water."

"But in the shallows, the stars come down to dance at night, changing colour whenever they change their minds."

"And the sea stars might talk to you, if you catch them in a good mood."

"In the deep Celestial Ocean," Rondo finished, "amongst countless octopi, we might even meet the Lucid Squid, who can answer a question for us."

"But why are we here?" Abie asked again.

"Because," Rondo replied, "you were drinking out of the green glass. And the green glass is mine. It always has been, and it always will."

"When we ask the Squid, that is what the Squid will tell you."

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