Celestial Ocean: Part III

"Is the glass yours," the Squid asked Rondo, "or is the glass yours?"

The Squid turned to Abie.

"Well..." they both began, but the Squid was not finished.

"The truth is, all things must change, and what is yours today, may be mine tomorrow. And the next day..."

"Well..." Abie and Rondo both interrupted, but again, the Squid was not finished.

"And the next day."

And then the Lucid Squid was finished. This did not help Abie and Rondo at all, but, after carrying the two of them back to the surface and dropping them onto the deck of the Cloud Tracer, the Squid left such a big cloud of blue ink that both cups were dyed deep ocean blue, and since then, have been impossible to tell apart.

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